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Pregnant Woman in Nature

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined

to rise.


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About Woman Rising

Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, CNM Home Birth Midwife Certified Nurse Midwife

Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, ARNP/CNM

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner | Certified Nurse-Midwife 

Women's Healthcare Provider | Birth Advocate

What is Woman Rising?

That’s me, Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, ARNP/CNM (She/Her/Hers)

I am a graduate of Philadelphia University: Institute of Midwifery with a Master's degree in Nursing Science and Certificate Nurse-Midwife. My credentials are those of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife. 

My professional work experience prior to becoming a midwife includes, case-management and mental health nursing in Los Angeles with the amazing organization Mental Health of America. I was also very lucky to attend birth in the home setting as a registered nurse working in labor, birth, & postpartum support and newborn cares for homebirth midwives in Southern California and here in the DSM area. 

After graduating midwifery school and passing certified boards, I have worked in all birth settings including home, birth center and hospital based practices. 

From the moment I caught the first baby I knew my hands and my heart were meant to do this work. It is a part of me and I a part of it. With Women, I am a Woman Rising.

Why Woman Rising?

The name Woman Rising is a reflection of my own personal journey into womanhood, motherhood, widowhood, and as someone walking this life who identifies as female. This business and these services are an offering of my heart, my skills and my hope to support other humans to Rise into what powers are inside of them.

Woman Rising Midwifery serves all humans across the lifespan with a focus on preconception, prenatal, labor/birth, postpartum, physical and mental wellness care, birth control, reproductive and sexual health. Woman/Client center care and Informed Consent are the base of all services I provide.

Midwifery Services

"Light will often pierce the darkness when we least expect it, and if we're fortunate when we need it most......... science can pave the way but we need human hands to guide us, and love to illuminate the path that lies ahead"

~Call the Midwife

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Prenatal Care

We seek to empower women and families to make informed choices about how they want to give birth. More.

Birth Care

We believe every family deserves a customized approach to their birth. Learn what it means to take back your birth and rise into your power. More.

Wellness Services

Rebecca offers gentle holistic gynecology care, including annual exams, problem-focused care, birth control, natural fertility, preconception counseling, sexually transmitted infection screening & treatment, mental health support and initiation of treatment modalities.

Cost of Services

Woman Rising Midwifery accepts payments of cash, check, debit or credit card for midwifery care fees.

You can also use your health savings account (HSA) to pay services.

WRM is not in-network nor offers billing with major insurance companies, however superbills and invoices can be obtained to assist with reimbursement. 

Birth Stories

Read about Woman Rising Birth Experiences

"I have referred to Rebecca on several occasions as my

soulmate midwife. I fell in love during our first meeting."
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"After a history of loss, and unfeeling OBs, we decided to try midwifery. We met with Rebecca, and her smile and personality allayed our fears immediately."

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"Rebecca was so open to my choices for the birth I wanted and showed no judgement. I'm so happy with my decision to see Rebecca."

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Reach Out

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Woman Rising Midwifery is located inside a shared provider space at: 
4123 University Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50311

Phone: 562 - 505 - 7603
Fax: 833 - 710 - 0690

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