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How labor begins can vary from birth-to-birth. You can expect thorough, clear communication with us as we discuss, and decide together, when we should arrive. You can count on us to enter your home, your birth space, quietly and reverently. We will then assess your progress by asking a few questions, and through quiet observation. From there we will:


  • Bring in all of the equipment required to provide a safe birthing experience. Don't worry, we aren't moving in. 

  • Settle in to provide a feeling of safety and reassurance, and allow you to labor in your own time know your birth attendants are standing by. 

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  • Address any questions or concerns that you, your birth partner, or your other family members have. We believe that knowledge is powerful, and stand by the need for you to be as informed as you find beneficial. 

  • Guide you and your other birth team members through intense waves, to help you stay calm and focused. 

  • Encourage you to listen to the wisdom inside your body, and trust in it's innate ability to know what to do.

  • Offer position changes, tips and tricks to ride the waves in the most beneficial and productive ways possible. 

  • Be inclusive of the entire birth team, including your partner, birth attendants, and children. 

  • Monitor vital signs, condition changes, baby's heart tones, fluid status, and any signs or symptoms of an underlying change to the progress of your laboring efforts. 

  • Offer assistance with birthing in whatever position you deem appropriate, in whatever setting you find most useful.

  • Assist with the use of birthing tubs and water birth.

  • Once decided that we are close to or entering second stage (pushing), a second birth attendant (registered nurse) will be called to assist with transitioning you from one to two. Both mother and baby will receive the full attention of well trained and highly experienced care providers, trained to ensure safety. (please note the decision of when to call the RN is made only by the attending midwife)


After Delivery we will:

  • Facilitate bonding, assist with skin-to-skin and initiation of breastfeeding. 

  • Monitor any post-birth bleeding.

  • Assess your baby's needs, if any, including checking APGAR, reflexes, breathing, weight & length.

  • Begin tidying up and packing up our bags, including starting a load of laundry. (birth garbage will be gathered and put into the families trash bins)

  • Settle you and your family in bed, and assist with breastfeeding, latch, and transition.

  • After a 2-4 hour transition, we will leave to let you snuggle and bond. 

  • We are still on call for you and babe and encourage families to reach out with any concerns. 

If a hospital transfer is required, a member of the birth team will accompany you, with records, to properly hand you off to oncoming providers in necessary cases. Our relationship with Broadlawns Medical Center is strong and Rebecca retains full privileges at this facility for low risk maternal and newborn status. Transfer plans are discussed with families prior to attending birth in the home. A families facility preference is always honored, please note in any emergent situation, transfer will always go to Unity Point or Mercy medical centers for the higher level and immediate availability of care providers. 

For more information about Postpartum Care following Delivery, see here.

Please Contact Rebecca, if you are interested in discussing our services more.  ​

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