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Non-Stress Test

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Woman Rising Midwifery offers out-of-hospital Non-Stress Tests (NST's for short). This appointment includes a basic intake of information, essential vital signs on Birthing Person, placement of fetal monitors (one to assess fetal heart rate, and the other to look for contractions), assessment by Certified Nurse Midwife Rebecca Schlueger-Valadao or appropriate staff as indicated by Midwife, and if necessary, drawing necessary labs as indicated or requested by referring provider. 

Only available with referral from provider. Please call Rebecca directly to establish appointment for your client. 

Hydration Services

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In-Office or House Call for extra fee

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Woman Rising Midwifery offers In-Office Hydration Services for those suffering from Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy. This includes a brief intake, obtaining Intravenous Access, administration of IV fluids, and the option of additional medications for nausea if the need arises. Enjoy a comfortable chair and a quiet unassuming space to receive intervention for your nausea and vomiting while avoiding the Emergency Room! By appointment only, and in-home hydration services available for an additional travel fee. 

Call to arrange an appointment with Woman Rising Midwifery.

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