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Bria Testimonial

In Bria's words and with her permission to share, hear her experience with Rebecca:

"Rebecca was so amazing throughout my pregnancy with my second baby. She was well informed and something that is so important that other people (especially OB’s sometimes) lack, is her ability to hold space for whatever me, the patient, needs. I remember seeing her at my last appointment at 39 weeks, seriously at my breaking point. I told her I didn’t want to rush baby out but I was so emotional and tired of being pregnant.

We went back and forth on stripping membranes and she knew exactly what to say- that when she sees moms at their breaking point like I was, that means baby is on their way typically in the next couple days (the exact words/ details are blurry now). So I asked to have my membranes stripped and went into labor that night and had a dream come true delivery with Kari. It meant so much to me that she did exactly what was needed and heard me <3 "

All testimonials submitted by clients, are unedited, and shared with permission by them.

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