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Following delivery, we encourage a deep hibernation, a "baby moon". This time with Mother, Baby, and Family, is not something that one can redo or replace, it is not something one should give away. Woman Rising Midwifery is here to check in on the Family and provide support during the postpartum period. Postpartum Care includes:

  • 24 Hour PP Home Visit:   During this visit, we can complete any necessary newborn screenings, assess breastfeeding and bonding, and monitor postpartum bleeding and maternal wellbeing. We review what to expect over the next few weeks and what are warning signs to reach out for more support. 

  • If desired we can refer you to a Postpartum Doula or Lactation Specialist* to see you in your home, to assist with transition and any latching problems you may be experiencing.

Newborn Baby
  • In-Office Newborn Visits: If you desire to have Rebecca see your Newborn for the first 6 weeks, appointments will be made for 5-7 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum, or as desired by family or indicated by newborn needs. In these visits we assess breastfeeding and newborn latch and milk transfer, newborn weight gain, assessment for jaundice, and educate on normal newborn development. We will also assist in helping families find their next well-child, pediatric or family practice provider for infant cares after 6 weeks of age. These visits are not just about babies as we also assess mother's coping and transition to motherhood, postpartum bleeding, postpartum mood and risks for PPD/PPA, as well as discuss birth control desires.  

  • In-Office 6 week Maternal Postpartum Visit: This will be the final exam on the mother and newborn dyad. We assess the recovery of the uterus, postpartum bleeding, and cover any birth control or gynecological needs. A thorough assessment of the Mothers Mental Health will be performed, and referrals made at this visit, or at any other time that the Mother requests. Depletion will also be assessed to determine if a longer period of sitting-in or added supplements would be recommended. There will also be ample time and opportunity to process your birth with your Provider, to answer any questions or reflect on any events.

  • Please Contact Rebecca, if you are interested in discussing our services more. 

    *Newborn and Maternal Postpartum cares up to 6 weeks postpartum are included in the set fee scheduled that is decided upon at entrance into care. 

       *Any needed laboratory tests indicated during this 6 week postpartum period are Not included in the set fee schedule and shall be the responsibility of the client. 

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