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Prenatal Care

We believe that prenatal, birth and postpartum care is a sacred relationship between families and providers. There is a care provider for every woman, and every family, and we feel strongly that you should seek out a provider that meets you where you need to be met. With that in mind, our services always include a Free Consultation. Sit down with Rebecca. Tell her your story. Let her share hers. Decide if this is the person for you. 

Once that relationship starts, we continue with care that is; evidence based, Woman/Client/Family Centered, and Highly Inclusive. 

You can expect:

Pregnant Woman
  • 60 minute New Prenatal Visit: We'll discuss and sign consent forms, review your medical history, do a brief physical exam, order any lab work, and leave plenty of room along the way to answer your questions.

  • Prenatal Visits will follow a standard schedule. You can expect comprehensive care every visit. We start with a check in and answer questions and concerns being mindful of your unique family dynamics. Then, we may engage in some of the following:

    • Discuss upcoming lab tests, and ultrasounds if desired, 

    • Check fetal development progress, measure your fundus, feel the position of your baby, and listen to heart tones with a doppler,

    • Talk about what labor looks likes, and when to call us, 

    • Prepare for your home birth by going over a thorough checklist,

    • Collect a urine sample to monitor protein and sugars if indicated,

    • Will ask you to weigh yourself, 

    • Take your blood pressure.

    • These visit typically run 30-40 minutes in length and are scheduled at different monthly/weekly frequencies given a person's gestational age. 

  • 20 Week Ultrasound. We refer clients to Iowa Radiology for a 20 week anatomy scan. This is highly encouraged, and required for a birth in the home setting, to ensure that there is no placenta blocking the babies way and that baby does not need any extra support or cares that the home setting cannot offer. If families desire to decline this recommended screening we will go through an informed consent process and review the families acceptance of risk for less than optimum outcomes. 

  • Full Interactive Record Keeping and charting via the Maternity Neighborhood System. You'll have full access to your records, a platform for education, and a great communication tool all in one with Maternity Neighborhood. 

  • Education and Community Building throughout. We are located inside of Sacred Health Yoga Movement + Holistic Provider Offices. There are workshops, movement classes, and providers that work with pregnant and lactating people inside the space. Some of the services include Prenatal Yoga, Childbirth Education, Lactation Workshops and Support Groups, Prenatal Massage, Prenatal Reiki, Pelvic Floor SomaYoga, Herbalism for the Pregnant and Lactating Person, and so much more. 

For more information on Birthing with Woman Rising, see the next page.

As always, we know that each person is unique. And we strive to follow evidence while respecting autonomy. Please discuss any concerns, questions, or requests directly with Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, ARNP/CNM

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