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Midwifery Services

We are different, and we like it...we think you will too!

If you're new to home birth midwifery care you may not know what to think about building a personal relationship with your care providers. We understand, and we'll take it slow as we build up our relationship of recipricol trust. We'll really get to know you, your family, and strive to build a relationship worth savoring for years to come.

If you're new to midwifery wellness health services, that's totally okay and we are excited you are here to give something new a try. It's a whole new type of wellness care where we talk, share, get to know each other and set goals before even think about the physical exam parts. You set the pace, you set the care plan goals, we help give the guidance, support and options along the way. Healthcare you participate in. 

Rebecca Certified Nurse Midwife Doppler Fetal Heart Tones on Pregnant Mom


Throughout your entire pregnancy, from the time you enter into midwifery care right up until you give birth (between 10-12 visits), we meet monthly for 45-60 minutes. Building a relationship is just as important as the monitoring and education.

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Rebecca Certified Nurse Midwife catching new baby in hospital birth


How labor begins can vary from birth-to-birth. You can expect thorough, clear communication with us as we discuss, and decide together, when we should arrive. You can count on us to enter your home - your birth space - quietly and reverently.

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Placenta and Baby in Lotus Style Birth


Postpartum Care is where we help families and new babies settle into a new nothing to skimp on. Just because the big day is over doesn't mean that you're forgotten. We strongly believe in doing what we can go assist you in a peaceful transition, supported and cared for. 
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Wellness Care

Wellness care is about you! Lets talk about your health goals. What are your struggles? What makes you happy and brings joy to your life? What does not? What aspects of health do you want to focus on? What is not for you? 

Woman Rising Wellness Care offers things like; 

  • Preconception care for Individuals & families prior to achieving pregnancy

  • Hormone, menstrual cycle, birth control & fertility support

  • Pap smears and other female anatomy screenings

  • Sexually transmitted infection screenings and treatment

  • Trauma informed and non-gender conforming screenings and routine cares

  • Mental health screenings and initiation of treatment modalities

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